Window safety matters! Children in particular can fall from windows and balconies in their family home. In fact it is amazing how many falls occur this way!

Are your windows safe for children?

As building codes have evolved, they have addressed window safety. Is your property compliant with current building codes? Many older buildings are not up to current standards. And importantly, have you realised that fly-screens are not strong enough to resist the impact of a child? A lot of people haven’t considered that basic fly-screens simply cannot prevent a fall! And older balustrades are typically not providing adequate safety.

If you are a property owner, how would you feel if your grandchild or another child got injured in a fall from a window at a property you own? Everyone needs to care about window safety.

Of course, there is no substitute for parental supervision to ensure child safety! However as a parent, you want to trust the child-resistant window safety solutions used on the windows in your children’s bedrooms. The same applies to other rooms where they play.

Window locks set at 12.5cm are one solution but they limit ventilation. These days, as we seek to protect ourselves and our families from Covid, that is not satisfactory. We are all conscious of the importance of good ventilation. So we want to be able to open windows fully, and not just during our hottest summer days.

Choose a smart window safety solution

The only safe alternative is to install an approved safety mesh specifically designed to protect young people from falls.

At Unique Windows & Doors, we are proud to offer a cost effective barrier solution designed specifically for child protection of openable windows. Correctly manufactured and installed, Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Screens and KidScreen reinforced polyester mesh provide safety, as well as natural ventilation and they do not impede the view. They allow compliance to various building construction requirements without compromising the look of the window.

We recently manufactured and installed screens that enable the windows of Trinity College’s boarding dormitory (Melbourne University) to meet safety regulations and provide great ventilation.

We can assist you in selecting, manufacturing and installing the right safety solution for your windows and/or balcony for your double story homes, townhouses and units or your apartment blocks. It is also a good solution for schools and offices; a solution that eliminates the possibility of a fall and maximises ventilation.

You have the power to keep children safe!

When you are keen to add safety to your windows, TALK WITH US