Good ventilation has become a top priority in schools, offices and homes, as we learn to live with COVID. Melbourne students have missed many weeks of school in 2020 and 2021. Now that they are rediscovering face-to-face learning, we need to keep them, and their teachers, as safe as possible. Covid-safe classrooms and offices are becoming essential. The Victorian Government has advised schools to increase fresh airflow into indoor spaces. It is particularly critical when young kids attend as they cannot be vaccinated yet

The same principle applies to offices. We need to keep our people safe, because they deserve to feel safe. And let’s face it, what business would want the disruption caused by long absences from work, deep clean, reorganising work….? By now we all know that closing schools, preschools, childcare centres, offices, community centres… disrupts too many working and personal lives; and it threatens the survival of too many workplaces. 

Upgrading To Openable Windows

So it is wiser to be proactive and prevent as much COVID transmission as possible. When windows do not open or are too hard to open, it is time to replace them with openable windows. 

Schools keen to address covid-safety have been coming to Unique Windows & Doors to find rapid and effective solutions for their specific buildings and budgets. As always, the team at Unique Windows & Doors works with each client to design the most appropriate solution offering satisfactory ventilation and ensuring minimum disruption during installation.

One of those cost-effective solutions is to replace fixed panels by a Vantage series 504 sliding window from AWS Australia. Wide sash wheels ensure that the windows always work smoothly. Flyscreens tuck neatly into the frame. And built-in sill drainage reduces condensation.

It is however just one of many options to meet new standards and make a shared room far more adapted to our evolving needs.

covid-safe classrooms   openable windows for covid-safe classrooms 
openable windows for covid-safe classrooms and offices

Customised Solutions For Covid-Safe Classrooms And Offices

Unique has the skilled team, and the products that will ensure we meet your needs in the smartest manner, from design to installation. We care about contributing to COVID-safe classrooms and offices to Melbourne having a new year without major disruptions.

We all look forward to ending the damaging disruptions to our lives that have plagued the past 2 years. Plan to make 2022 as COVID-safe and as normal as possible. And when you are ready for advice and a quote on your project, CONTACT UNIQUE