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Windows and doors projects are as varied as the needs of builders, renovators and property managers. We have the expertise and the products to deliver your outcomes !

You can see here some examples of projects we love doing. There are many more we could show you and we will be adding to this page over time.

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    The Need

    As we have learnt to live with COVID many of us have converted to working from home full-time or part-time. We can often make good use of an underutilised space to create a new home office.

    The Scope

    This house provided the opportunity to renovate the front of the house to enclose a spare lounge to make a private and efficient home office.

    The Solution

    Unique Windows has created a modern-looking glass wall and door that neatly fit with the decor of the house. The hallway maintains access into and out of the house at all times without disturbing anyone at work. With effective soundproofing and an optional curtain screen, privacy of conversations and online meetings are maintained.

    Read our blog post.

    Renovation for Indoor-outdoor living

      We should have done this a long time ago. What a difference it makes! And it was a lot faster and easier than we expected. Great job!

      The Need

      The original door was poor quality and the whole panel design was frustrating the owners: The position of the narrow door in the centre panel was awkward, restricting both people movement and furniture placement. The 4-panels design also split the view too much.

      The Scope

      Replace the lounge window and door and the kitchen window

      The Solution

      Using a 3-panel layout with the door on the side improved the view, and enabled better furniture position and ease of moving around. It gives a seamless access to the undercover entertaining area and a freer feel reflecting today’s lifestyle expectations.

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       COVID-SAFE Schools & Offices

        The Need

        After a long lockdown, everyone wants  to stay safe and free, protected from COVID as much as possible.

        Health authorities advise to ensure an excellent ventilation to keep us safe. Staff members and families demand it.

        The Scope

        Many school buildings, small offices, child care and community centers need to invest in improving ventilation, cost effectively and with minimal disruption to normal operations.

        The Solution

        Unique Windows designs optimal upgrades to easy-open windows that deliver great ventilation.

        This Vantage series 504 sliding window from AWS Australia is one of many solutions we design to meet new standards and adapt shared rooms to evolving needs and expectations. Read our blog post.

        New Modern Family Home

          The ability to deliver elegant aluminium windows and a wide range of intelligent solutions was essential to the success of this project. The partnership with Unique Windows achieved the desired result.

          The Need

          This contemporary home integrates seamlessly the indoors and outdoors, showcasing the large swimming pool and entertainment area.

          The Scope

          A combination of frame types and innovative solutions was necessary to deliver the desired spectacular effect and convenience while ensuring compliance with all standards.

          The Solution

          For the wall of glass overlooking the pool, we used a combination of fixed glass and highlight louvre window. It achieved both both pool standards compliance and good ventilation.

          A 3-panel cavity sliding door disappears into a wall cavity opening fully onto the large outdoor area.

          Another smart window features the Switchable glass in the main bathroom is one of the key features of the house: This clear glass looks onto a beautiful courtyard and becomes opaque for privacy when needed at the flick of a switch.

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          Easy Living Extension

            The Need

            This modern extension of a Period home must make open living spaces look bigger and bring the outdoors inside.

            The Scope

            The living room required a combination of large fixed panels and a practical sliding door. The kitchen area offered the opportunity of a pleasant outdoor view that could add depth to the kitchen.

            The Solution

            A large commercial corner stacking sliding door complements the large fixed windows. Some Sashless double hung windows provide excellent crossflow ventilation.

            In the kitchen we were able to integrate the window frame into the kitchen joinery bringing to the project a seamless finish and a great outlook from the kitchen sink.

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            The windows and sliding door make our new living area feel so spacious and beautifully open the extension to the garden.

            Rejuvenate a 1960’s apartment building

              Having new windows installed in the apartment block where I live was an experience and and expense that I wasn’t looking forward to. Rob and his team made the whole procedure very easy and the level of care and consideration was second to none.

              The Need

              The old windows installed in 1971 didn’t comply with current standards. Being sliding windows, they were unsafe for children. Additionally they did not comply with wind rating requirements and offered  poor heat/cold/sound insulation. Overall the building looked “old”.

              The Scope

              All windows had to be replaced with double-glazed windows for all apartments.

              The project had to be completed within a short period and with minimal disruption to the life of the residents. So effective customer service and logistics were key aspects of the project in addition to excellent craftsmanship  .

              The Solution

              Not only did the investment in the double-glazing and windows upgrade make the building compliant, it has significantly increased the comfort of the appartments for the residents. The modern style windows also showcase the stunning views on all floors. Together with other aspects of the building’s facelift they add lasting value to the property.

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              Upgrading A Previous Renovation

                The Need

                This attractive victorian home had been renovated many years before but the outcome was frustrating the current owners. It lacked functionality and light, and it was too hot or too cold acccording to the season

                The Scope

                The whole back of the house architectural redesigned to create a seamless link between indoor and outdoor living areas. New windows and doors had to play a key role in bringing the light in, facilitating a smarter use of space and enabling temperature control.

                The Solution

                A large sliding door opens fully to a sheltered relaxing space, while a large fixed window makes a window seat incredibly inviting complements the large fixed windows. The kitchen was also opened to the outdoors.

                And of course modern energy-efficiency standards are now met with double glazing, which significantly adds to the pleasure of living in this family home. A “house with potential” is now a dream home for the 2020’s.

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                  The Need

                  The management of Trinity College (Melbourne University) had to ensure that all windows at high levels had a restricted opening and still enabled great ventilation.

                  The Scope

                  A simple easy to use solution was required for all dormitory windows

                  The Solution

                  Correctly manufactured and installed Invisi-Gard security screens comply with government regulations and allow the windows to be fully open. This delivers full ventilation and safety in an “invisible ” way.

                  This solution is also ideal for apartment blocks, schools, townhouses, double story houses, office blocks…

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