Custom made for your life.


At Unique Windows, we are proud to supply and manufacture high quality doors from the Vantage Aluminium Joinery and Elevateā„¢ Aluminium ranges. As all of our products are custom made to suit your requirements, we supply and install aluminium doors in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. We supply and install hinged doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and French doors especially configured for your project. Our team are able to measure and quote, providing you with varying options for your application.

Bi-fold doors

Series 548High Performance Bi-fold Door

Series 410FoldMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)

Series 411ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)

Series 412ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)

Sliding Doors

series 541Residential Sliding Door

series 542Residential Stacking Sliding Door

series 618MAGNUM Sliding Door

series 52Commercial Door

series 731Thermally Broken Sliding Door

Hinged Doors

Series 50Commercial Door (Single Side Beaded)

series 51Light Commercial Door

series 52Commercial Door

series 548High Performance Hinged Door

series 549Residential Hinged Door

series 729Thermally Broken Hinged Door